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I want to take things I can’t understand about myself, or got to a good place with, and communicate and convert them.

From maybe aged 13, essentially bang on when puberty started to hit, I had a massive shift in comfort
in the world and myself. Around that time was the first time that I ever looked at myself in a public way, and through getting the first ever family computer with MSN. I had to put a profile picture, and that introduction to the online world and judging yourself felt like the catalyst to me feeling a little bit out of place. Writing was the only real outlet I had. Not prose, just scrawls of inner monologue. When I read them back, it’s like the most cliche angry teenager problems, or just a crazy teenager repeating themselves. That was the first time I started to try and articulate how I was feeling and find some kind of outlet.

When I started to become an adult and take more control of who I was, getting away from the more limiting environment I came from, I went on a mission to work out what I actually thought of myself, the world and other people. That process is ongoing but I’m at the end of phase 1, where I’ve built my foundation of what I think I am and what the world is.

In the transition from not knowing to knowing, I think I’ve built up a storyline for myself - to try and take everything I don’t feel right about within myself and within the world, and do something that makes those things apparently better.

It’s crushing at points, but I’m getting to a good place in it. For about 5 years it crushed me every day. But you can’t change everything, you just have to change what you can. After therapy and starting to take medication for anxiety and depression, it all got a bit clearer. All of the negative self-hate went away and left room for the positive.


The last film I made was about masculinity. I’m not gonna lie and say it’s been a grand plan all along to do stuff on men’s health, gender-based violence, and how masculinity plays into that. It’s been a pinball machine of a ball knocking onto lots of different things until I’ve realised that this is one of the most effective things I can do to make the world I live in better. It all started off with a Tinder relationship, where the girl I matched with had done lots of stuff on gender-based violence and sexual health education, and I really wanted to work on something with a social cause. We met at the same time as a funding opportunity was coming up, and we went for it pretty much after our first date, and got it. That started me off working on gender and gender-based violence. She really made me see the world in that way, it was the first time I’d shone a light on that part of the world.


My method of storytelling is different, a mix of presentational fact, personal experience, with a bit of narrative and sentimental side to it in order to make points and communicate feelings. But I’m terrible when it comes to making a story and narrative. The reason I’ve done music and film has been because of the therapeutic side of it, and the need to communicate and make, rather than liking film or music and wanting to make because of that. That feeling when you identify it, or it says something you’ve always felt but never been able to articulate. When I started to consume art and had that feeling of “that says what I feel!”, it massively spurred me on to want to do that for other people.

I’m a terrible conventional storyteller, there’s lots of evidence to prove that.


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