Representation isn’t enough.
This is about ownership.


Life in Progress was born out of the joy we have in telling our stories, and the frustrations and danger that stem from the manipulation, appropriation, and absence of them.


The aim is for this to be a space for experimental, collaborative storytelling, seeking to explore stories amongst the power structures that impact them, and tell stories that can challenge that.


Following six months growing as part of a Learning Marathon, culminating in a pop-up story-driven installation at the #PowerLab showcase, Life in Progress is now out in the world to test new ideas and challenge narratives.



Founded by Edi Whitehead.
Born on the first ever Power Lab.
Accelerated on Echo’s Creative++ Programme.

Made possible with creative support from some wicked collaborators, including:

Big up Enrol Yourself, who run the peer-led learning accelerator that has been the home for this idea to grow in. I could not recommend the process, programme, organisation or people enough.

Additional support from Make Shift, and Bootstrap Charity.
Thanks to both for access to the permission, space and networks to test radical new ideas with.